June '23

And I’m off to Europe again for House is in the House™ x Aqua Chillax™ Events with my other half Aqua Chillax™ in Werder (Havel) close to Potsdam and Berlin as well as Witten in Germany. If the weather is nice (which I hope so) it will all be outdoors by the Pool. Besides that, I will also mix music at a couple of other locations in July. We’ll see what else we can add for the month…

May '23

Back in New York and preparing for my upcoming Single Release on Go Beyond Recordings. Also if you are in Germany this summer, check out my upcoming performances and Events in my Calendar.

April '23

Off to Germany for some Projects…

March '23

I’ve been so busy working on a anthology TV show this month, that I wasn’t able to schedule my annual Colorado Tour to mix some music. So St. Patrick’s Day has to unfortunately happen in the Rockies without me this year. But the TV Show (which I can’t talk about at the moment), is awesome and I’m excited for Season 2.

February '23

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have a great day and treat yourself today! If you need some inspiration, just head over to my newly added back merch page, that includes most items from my previous website but also some new ones including some handmade Shell Jewelry and a Cajon Brush that I use when I perform with it. Picture is up and it is available for purchase soon. I also posted a couple of House is in the House™ x Aqua Chillax™ Events in my calendar that I’ll be doing in Germany in June and July. Flyer will be up soon and more Events and gigs to come…

January '23

A new year with new opportunities and journeys on the Horizon… I toast to a year filled with great moments, lots of good music, friends, love and soulful vibes. And most importantly… may we all stay healthy! I just got some bookings in Germany which I’m in the middle of finalizing and will post if not this month, next month. I’m also working on a trip to California. So holler my Cali people if you have a Event and like to add me to your Artist/DJ Line Up.

December '22

Wishing you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Mele Kalikimaka, Frohe Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad, Kwanza, Feliz Natal, Joyeux Noël and whichever you celebrate with your family and friends wherever you are. Next year my anticipated House Release will finally see the light and as the Venues are slowly booking Artists/DJs again, I’m looking forward to the Events that are in store for me. So please be patient, check back and for Venues that would like to book me, please message me via my contact form. Mahalo 🙂

November '22

We are still updating my website and my Merch that was on my previous Website is added back again with some new items, however it takes a little time… So stay tuned for the Merch page that will hopefully be ready in time for the Holidays or latest sometime in January. In the meantime you can always find some of the airbrushed Maui Babe Tank Tops or  360˚ caps directly in the B4wear VIP Lounge section of the Online Store.

October '22

Got booked for a popular TV show to portray a DJ. Can’t say yet what show and when it will air next year, but I’m excited to be part of this project for this Special Scene !

September '22

Got booked to work on a Law & Order Crossover Event in New York. So tune in and watch all 3 Shows back to back in the coming weeks.

August '22

Check out my new Artist Playlist on Spotify that I curate this month for Boat Party Maui. If you are a Brand or Company and like to have me curate one for you, feel free to contact me by clicking on Contact in the menu bar. To Preview the Playlist, just check out my new Curated Tab.

July '22

Germany and Austria has been great. Performing inside and outside by the Pool is always special and I even got the chance to try out Scuba Jet for a minute the other day when I wasn’t mixing music. The Kärnten Therme Jubiläum Celebration has been great and I’m happy to be part of it. Congrats for a successful 10 years and to many more!  I’m also getting the chance to catch up with some of my friends I haven’t seen for a long time. And my new Single also Pre Released and some of you already got to enjoy and party to it. Stay tuned for the official Release date in 2023 when you can finally download it or listen to it on all the Platforms.

May '22

I will be embarking on a little Germany and Austria Mini Tour in July that we worked on for quite some time. Join me for some
House is in the House™ x Aqua Chillax™ Events that month. Find the locations, dates and times listed below in the Events & Dates Calendar.

March '22

Will be working on Law & Order SVU again this month. Always fun times!

February '22

Join me on the 23rd for some delicious Sushi and House music at our House is in the House Event at Sushi Lounge in Morristown, NJ. More info on the Event in the Calendar below.

January '22

Wishing you a good start into 2022. May all what you wish for is coming true and that it will be a good year for all of us! I’m starting the year with a House is in the House™ Event at Sushi Lounge in Morristown, New Jersey. Date coming soon..

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August 2023

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Aqua Chillax™ Releases

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TBA '23

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Events & Concerts 2022 / 2023

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August, 2023

Single Release


July 01, 2023

Orientalische Nächte @ Saarland Therme

Rilchingen-Hanweiler, Germany

June 30, 2023

House is in the House X Aqua Chillax @ Freizeitbad Heveney

Witten, Germany

June 17, 2023

House is in the House X Aqua Chillax @ Havel-Therme

Werder, Germany

March 2023

TV Series Shoot

Queens, NY

February 14, 2023

Merch is Back

New York, NY

December 10, 2022

News and Curated Section added

New York, NY

November 22, 2022

Complexions Gala hosted by Whoopi Goldberg - canceled

New York, NY

October 19, 2022

TV Series Shoot - airs in '23 TBA

Queens, NY

September 2022

Law & Order Crossover

New York, NY

August 06, 2022

New Curated Spotify Playlist


July 17, 2022

House is in the House X Aqua Chillax @ Kärnten Therme

Villach, Austria

July 16, 2022

House is in the House - Ibiza Pool Sounds @ Kärnten Therme

Villach, Austria

July 15, 2022

House is in the House X Aqua Chillax @ Kärnten Therme

Villach, Austria

July 13, 2022

New Single Pre Release

July 13, 2022

Private Rooftop Party

Villach, Austria

March 2022

Law & Order SVU

New York, NY

February 23, 2022

Sushi Lounge

Morristown, NJ


54 House FM Radio Guest Mix


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