May 2020
Just found out that the NYIAS 2020 that was originally postponed to August and with it all my performances for Toyota are now cancelled because the Javits Center is still being used as a stand by hospital for our current pandemic. Therefore no conventions will take place until further notice. It's sad but at the same time important that we stay safe! So please continue to wear masks whereever you go. The date for my new Single will be announced in June. I'm excited for this new song and I hope you will enjoy it too.
April 2020
I hope you are all safe and stay healthy at home. I just found out that my Aqua Chillax concert in Switzerland was unfortunately also postponed because of COVID19. And our upcoming Release on Go Beyond Recordings is now coming out this summer but I don't have an exact date yet. As soon as I do and more info on my performances, I'll let you know here on my website or please follow me on my RA page. All my concerts are posted there too and sometimes a bit faster.
March 2020
This is a difficult time, so please stay healthy my friends and even though I will miss you all next month at the NYIAS Show since it was postponed to August, I will hopefully see you either in May in Switzerland or in August at the Toyota Display at NYIAS. And for those of you that are already affected by the virus, get well soon and maybe music will help a little to guide you through it. As for my upcoming Release in April, unfortunately it had to be pushed back to a later date too but I will update you as soon as I have a new release date.
January 2020
It was a tough year for me on a personal level and hopefully the new year brings new beginnings for all of us. So pack your bags and join me for a Aqua Chillax™ concert in Switzerland coming up in May. Before that I'll be in New York and some other exciting places.
August/September 2019
I'll be in the Studio working on some new Tunes. Stay tuned ;-)
June 2019
Check out my latest Release with Kordelia called "Hambarea" on Spotify.
May 2019
Find my Oahu performances and performance times on my dates page. After that I'm heading to Maui for some other projects.
April 2019
I'm excited that on Friday 04.19.19 "Hambarea" will be released on Go Beyond Recordings and is available in all major download stores. Thanks for the support here. Let me know what you think of our Asian Tribal House Single and leave us a comment on iTunes :-)
March 2019
I'm happy to announce the first performance dates for the NYIAS 2019 in April with Toyota: here. After that I'm heading back to Hawaii for some gigs in May.
February 2019
I'm doing a couple of private concerts in Germany with our new Aqua Chillax music. Book yours at Aqua Chillax™ here:
January 2019
Word has it that I'll be performing again at the NYIAS 2019 in New York. Love that Show. Check out some of my performance photos from last year on my
December 2018
Doing a private concert with Aqua Chillax™ in January. Check out what Aqua Chillax™ music and live performances are all about at: Aqua Chillax™
October 2018
I'm gearing up for the Release of my new House Single that had it's debut at the NYIAS. Will put the date up on my Instagram as soon as I have it. And of course I'm also working on my Aqua Chillax Album that is a bigger project which won't be released before the new year.
September 2018
Our Aqua Chillax music will be part of a Aqua Chillax - Stretch & Relax™ event in New York City in October. To register for this amazing Open Level class with master teacher Kordelia just visit:
August 2018
Thank you to all that have been downloading my new and different Aqua Chillax Single on iTunes and other download stores. A lot of work goes into the production of a Song so I appreciate the support and love to know that you enjoy it. Our full Album will be released in the near future. :-)
July 2018
Did you download our Aqua Chillax Single? Listen and purchase our Single here. I hope you enjoyed our Event in Germany where you were able to relax to a full hour of Aqua Chillax music that will be released with some of the songs in full later this year. We had gorgeous weather that day and will be posting other dates and locations soon so you can join us at our next Aqua Chillax event in a city near you.
June 2018
Good news! My new Project I've been working on for quite some time now is finally coming to see the light. On July 01. my first Aqua Chillax Single will finally be released and on July 07th, I will perform at my first Aqua Chillax Event scheduled in Germany. My Aqua Chillax music is quite different than the House music I normally release. This one is all chilled and relaxing ambient music and when I say chilled, I mean really chilled as an Aqua Chillax™. Head over to our new Aqua Chillax website and show some love by following our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.
May 2018
Due to my new Project I've been working on, my House Single that was scheduled to be released next month is being pushed back to a later date and released after one that we moved up. But no worries it will be coming this summer :-)
April 2018
The New York Auto Show was as spectacular as always. I had such a blast Housing out on the Toyota Tundra and spinning some tunes from my ride. I only say DJ on a Truck. I hope you enjoyed the Promo CD's of my upcoming Single that some of you got during those days. So finally on June 22nd I will be dropping it. Follow me on Soundcloud for upcoming Previews. >
March 2018
See you at the end of the month at the New York International Auto Show 2018 in Manhattan. Dates/times here.
February 2018
Fantastic gig coming up in March > I'm performing again for Toyota at the New York International Auto Show 2018 in Manhattan. Some dates already listed. Times and Floors TBA
January 2018
Happy to announce that I will be dropping a new Single this Spring. Stay tuned for more...
September 2017 - January 2018
I'm working on Law & Order SVU again. Love the show! I'm also in Germany for a new event that's in the works.
July 2017
A big thank you to my fans in France and Ecuador for listening to my After the Storm (feat. Kordelia) Single on Deezer. XOXO
May & June 2017
I'm in the Studio again producing more songs for a new event that I will announce early 2018.
April 2017
I'm happy to announce that I'm performing again for Toyota at the New York International Auto Show which is held this month at the Javits Center New York. Find all my dates and times here.
Jan/Feb/March 2017
This time is studio time for me. I'm finishing up 2 new tracks that I worked on last year but had some additional ideas for it so I held up the release plus I'm working on another one for an exciting new project that goes with it.
December 2016
On December 10th I will be at the Sansha In-Store event in New York City with a Pop-Up Store by B4wear after my performance. Join us for a day of shopping and having fun.
November 2016
My new Asian House Release "After The Storm (feat. Kordelia)" was just included into Rotation on Slacker Radio's Chill Station! Fantastic and on top of it, it moved up to be the most popular track on there!!! Nice!
September 2016
Our House is in the House - Ibiza Pool Party at Club Punta Arabi was as always fun. Thank you to the fans who celebrated my new Release with me there and also bought it: "After The Storm (feat. Kordelia)" out on iTunes and other major download stores. Leave me a review there if you have time ;-)
August 2016
My 2nd Release is out on Go Beyond Recordings "After The Storm (feat. Kordelia)" available starting August 30th in all major download stores. Go to my Store to listen and download on iTunes. Listen to it in Ibiza on the day it's going to be released. I'll be playing it live from Club Punta Arabi on Ibiza.
July 2016
Just got a booking for a gig in Germany and my Ibiza week is also coming up quickly in August. Looking forward to see all of you again!
June 2016
Catch me a couple of more times at Row NYC Times Square this month before I go back in the Studio to finish one of my tracks and be busy with some TV shows. So swing by, I'll be spinning two new tracks that I've been producing that will be released soon.
May 2016
Here are my first dates for Ibiza this summer: August 30th for a House is in the House - Ibiza Pool Party Yes!!! Plus another famous Foam Party on September 03rd at Club Punta Arabi. Let's party :-) Promoters pls contact me for additional dates on the island.
April 2016
Got booked for a gig on the 16th at District M @ Row NYC in Manhattan.
March 2016
Here are the dates for my Colorado Mini Tour 2016. This time I will not only be in Breckenridge but also Vail and Beaver Creek!
February 2016
Planning my annual Colorado Mini Tour again. Venues contact me if you have any openings for March. And... it sounds like Ibiza is calling again :-) More on this later.
January 2016
Working on a new track. Something different I might say... more soon!
December 2015
Some business meetings in Europe. In the meantime hope you are all having a Mele Kalikimaka.
November 2015
Coming up > Black Friday 2 Cyber Monday Specials on all my Merch in my VIP Online Lounge Store by B4wear powered by Go Beyond Productions. Get your Christmas SWAG early! Happy Thanksgiving!
October 2015
We are in the middle of planning another Colorado Mini Tour. Looks like it's becoming my annual Shred trip :-) If you are interested in booking me to perform at your venue, please email: rosejohnston(@) or fill out my contact form.
September 2015
Lots of TV projects coming up. I'll be busy for the next couple of month but will keep you posted if I can do some spot dates.
July 2015
I only say #HouseisintheHouse on Ibiza on the 14th and later that week a Foam Party at Club Punta Arabi! Follow me: instagram/djmauibabe
June 2015
Summer is here and Ibiza is calling again. You probably already know it, but if you don't, go to my dates page for resort and Pool Party info. I'll be bringing along some of our new House is in the House Unisex Tees and Tanks with me. You can purchase them before or after my shows.
May 2015
Coming up in July is House is in the House - Beach Party in Germany again. I'll be mixing up some House tunes for this free outdoor event. Mahalo to WTK for sponsoring #HouseisintheHouse ! Click on our FB event invite to join for any weather updates:
April 2015
Cool times. Toyota booked me to perform on their custom DJ Sienna Remix Car that is on Display at the New York International Auto Show. I'm there on the 10th and 11th. Hop on over and check it out.
March 2015
The first two Ibiza dates in July are announced. I'm back again for a crazy Foam Party at Club Punta Arabi and for #HouseisintheHouse :-) Head on over to my dates page for the exact info.
February 2015
Coming up in March is my Mini Colorado Tour with a gig like last year in Aspen at Sky and this time I'll be also playing a couple of dates in Breckenridge. Aprés Ski Parties + a Hot Tub Party! Dates here.
January 2015
Happy New Year! Winter is here and time to get back into the studio to produce some new tracks in time for my upcoming gigs again in Colorado and New York. Dates and venues TBA soon.
December 2014
Check out my Ibiza Foam Party Mix I finally uploaded on my
November 2014
The last couple of month I've been working on Elementary and Ted 2 in New York. Stay in touch with me on
September 2014
New TV shows are rolling out so I'll be busy for the next few weeks. In the meantime check out the photos from the incredible foam party I gigged and follow me on >
August 2014
This month will be busy. Gigs in Germany and Ibiza with House is in the House. Can't wait to get there! We also have new Unisex Tees that we are going to sell at the venues > Beachclub Krefeld and Club Punta Arabi. More info here.
July 2014
House is in the House also announced at Club Punta Arabi in Ibiza for some dates in August. More on my calendar. To book me for your venue in Europe this summer email:
June 2014
House is in the House is being held again at Beachclub Krefeld in Germany. Get your dose of House music with me on August 02.
May 2014
Good news > Ibiza is calling! Plan your vacation early and party with me in August at Club Punta Arabi on the island of Ibiza Spain!
April 2014
A big thank you to Decksaver for supporting me. Check out their fab protective audio gear
March 2014
Colorado is calling. dj Maui Babe will do a mini tour that starts in Denver and will take her to Granby and Aspen. Click on dates for more info.
February 2014
You won't be single for long on Valentines at Andaz Wall Street in Manhattan. Mingle along to hot beats by dj Maui Babe.
January 2014
Prescription for 01.01.14 > New Year's Day Brunch at Wall & Water in New York. Happy New Year! Chill Out House Mix
December 2013
I will be in New York for 75 Sounds at the Andaz Wall Street playing on 12.06.13 and 12.13.13.
November 2013
Working on the new Steve Soderberg project "The Knick". Also coming up Thanksgiving Brunch with dj Maui Babe at Wall & Water part of the Andaz Wall Street.
October 2013
75 Sounds @ Andaz coming up Friday the 04. + 11th of this month. House music galore mixed with other gems > my new Moonshiner Remix of OneRepublic - Burning Bridges. And for Halloween I'll be playing again at the Sansha Dance Store.
September 2013
Oktoberfest on Wall Street, who knew! I'll be playing some german + other gems on the 20th + 27th outside in the Beergarden of the Andaz Wall Street Hotel in Manhattan. I'm also playing at a Tommy Hilfiger event on Saturday the 21. Plus more great news! The House of Marley has decided to partially sponsor me! Mahalo Bob Marley family!
August 2013
Join me for 75 Sounds at Bar 75 Andaz Wall Street in New York. I'll be playing a Mix of House, Pop and other fine tunes. Plus more upcoming dates.
July 2013
Mark your this date 07.07.13 in your calendar. Can't miss this event! I'll be playing > House is in the House < Beach Volleyball Party @ Beachclub Krefeld in Germany. We will also celebrating the 1yr anniversary of my Release Gonna Make You Hot (Go Beyond Recordings) Register to play, chill and dance here.
June 2013
A couple of more >House is in the House> dates @ Hotel on Rivington CO-OP Lounge. I'm also taking a trip to Toronto and will play at Insomnia Lounge on the 14th. All dates here.
May 2013
Thursday 05.30.13 I will DJ at our new après work event >House is in the House> presented by Go Beyond Productions & Go Beyond Recordings @ Hotel on Rivington's CO-OP Lounge on the LES in Manhattan. All dates here.
April 2013
This month has kept me busy with some nice Film work and the planning of a trip for the summer.
March 2013
Fabulous Boat Party Maui is happening on 03.23.13! Also join me for "In the Mix" @ W xyz Lounge in the Aloft Hotel Harlem on Wednesday 03.27.13 and 04.03.13
February 2013
Get your tickets now for White Boat Party Maui in Hawaii here. I'll be spinning there on 03.23.13. Also catch me at Above Rooftop in New York on 02.21.13. More info on my dates page.
January 2013
If you travel the roads with a Hertz rental car you can download my tracks now in their Music Store.
December 2012
Get your groove on with me at Sansha New York for an In-Store Holiday event. Also check out my latest unofficial Remix of the fantastic song Thinking About You by Calvin Harris
November 2012
Skated in the french feature film "Chinese Puzzle" and also got some press in Update Magazine Germany for our Release.
October 2012
Girls get ready for the ultimate White Boat Party Maui 2013 in Hawaii! Mark your calendars for Saturday 03.23.13 Tickets will go on sale soon. Follow us on the new Pinterest/boatpartymaui , Twitter/boatpartymaui and Facebook/boatpartymaui pages:

White Boat Party Maui Hawaii Flyer
September 2012
Just found out that I will be playing at the beautiful new Above Rooftop in New York. Will post exact date and more info soon.
August 2012
A nice feature article on my new "Gonna Make You Hot" Dance Electro House Release on Tiny Music Blog in the UK.
July 2012
Greece and Germany was fabulous. Loved spinning at the beach at Da Luz. Check out some photos in my gallery.
June 2012
The day has finally arrived! On June 20th we will release our Gonna Make You Hot - EP by Kordelia & dj Maui Babe on iTunes and Amazon via Go Beyond Recordings.
May 2012
I'll be in Toronto/Canada the weekend of June 08th spinning some House around. Locations on my Dates page. 
April 2012
From June 20th - 27th join me at Alpha Camp Festival 2012 on the island of Lesbos in Greece. More info on my Dates page. Also worked on the TV show "Royal Pains" in New York.
February 2012
I will be spinning at the Alpha Camp Festival in Greece this summer. Exact dates TBA.
December 2011
I've been spending most of my time in the Studio for my dance track and working on a Remix. Looks like 2012 is it for the upcoming EP Release. Stay tuned for the iTunes date.
September 2011
I've been working on a new Remix of the song "Army of Love" by recording artist Kerli. Head on over to the Releases and Remix page, check it out & feel free to leave a comment.
July 2011
Check out my new B4wear Lounge Store where you can find some cool Apparel and Bling. We will keep adding to it.
September 2010
She has been working diligently on the long awaited dance Single she collaborated on with a new recording artist in New York. It has been taking some time, but she also decided to bring out 2 additional Mixes, so it will be a EP now people.
February 2010
She sure knows how to work a party on Maui. Beautiful Kai Malu was the setting overlooking the ocean.

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